Vicentina sensitizes Monchique students to Gender Equality in professions

The initiative was developed in the context of SerrAdentro Monchique + Next

The Vicentina Association, through the SerrAdentro project, promoted on the 22nd, 23rd, 25th of May and 1st of June an action plan to raise awareness of Gender Equality in professions, in Monchique. 

The actions were carried out with around 170 male and female students, from the 2nd and 3rd cycles of the Monchique School Grouping.

According to Vicentina, the sessions were aimed at «raising awareness among children and young people of the importance of equality and equity among all people, taking into account the stage of life they are in, as they begin to make choices and affirm the training path and professional".

«Taking into account the importance of conscious, informed and free decision-making for all people, this topic emerges as essential for a healthier and more positive future for youth, for the promotion of mental health, through personal and professional satisfaction, with regard to the choices and construction of their life projects, which are increasingly diversified and plural», the Association also mentions.

The initiative, promoted in direct articulation with the Monchique School Grouping, contributed to the execution of measures foreseen in the Municipal Plan for Equality and Non-Discrimination of Monchique (PMIND), with a view to promoting Equality and Non-Discrimination in the municipality, through training and conciliation strategies on themes related to gender equality in professions.

The initiative was developed in the context of SerrAdentro Monchique + Pronto, a social and community intervention project, part of the 4th generation of Local Contracts for Social Development (CLDS-4G).