Velhote do Carmo takes the stage at the Casa do Povo de Santo Estêvão

The Spring Evenings are part of the Viva a Primavera program, run by the Municipality of Tavira

The Velhote do Carmo project takes to the stage of the Spring Evenings, at Casa do Povo de Santo Estêvão (inland Tavira), next Saturday, June 10th, at 22:00.

Ever since he made the decision to make art out of life as a teenager, Velhote do Carmo has spent years in the background, assuming roles as a multi-instrumentalist, producer, photographer and videographer.

As a man of a thousand trades, he made a significant contribution to the most varied projects within the most varied arts, helping to take off the extremely rich artistic community that exists today in São João do Estoril.

His first solo foray has as its motto the search for his own place in music and in life, leaving an eventual discovery of the same open. This is how the EP “Páginas Amarelas” appears, the ideal directory for Velhote do Carmo to find answers to all his questions.

The EP “Páginas Amarelas” was released in November 2022, with the debut edition of Discos Submarinos, Lisbon label founded by Benjamin.

The Spring Evenings are part of the Viva a Primavera programme, which is the responsibility of the Municipality of Tavira, and also have the support of the Union of Parishes of Luz de Tavira and Santo Estevão. This year, Garota Não, Bandua and Rita Vian have already passed through Casa do Povo.