The second edition of Revista Dois is already on newsstands across the country

With a cover designed by Vhils, the “new” Dois has the sea as a backdrop

After the success of the first edition, Dois magazine is back on newsstands as of this Friday, June 23rd. With a cover designed by Vhils, the “new” Dois has the sea as a backdrop.

In this second issue, Dois magazine, which is a project by the Sul Informação, once again has its cover designed by one of the main contemporary Portuguese artists.

Vhils aka Alexandre Farto accepted the challenge and, in addition to the cover, he also gave a great interview where he talks about one of his new projects that will take place in the Algarve.

This is EDP Art Reef, an intervention by Vhils that includes the sinking, off the beach of Santa Eulália (Albufeira), of large pieces made from parts of deactivated power plants.

Issue 2 of Dois also includes chronicles by the Algarve writer Lídia Jorge, by the paleontologist Luís Azevedo Rodrigues, in addition to several in-depth reports on topics such as surfing on the Vicentina Coast, the future of fishing, the use of microalgae and innovation in construction. Algarve naval. Added to this are several lifestyle tips and two podcasts, with interviews with Vhils and chef Leonel Pereira.

Dois magazine is on newsstands all over the country, since this Friday, the 23rd of June.

«The adventure that was, last year, to launch a printed magazine, with great graphic quality and, above all, with in-depth content about the reality and future of the Algarve, went very well», writes the director Elisabete Rodrigues, in the editorial of the new issue of Dois.

«As always, we tried to go beyond the obvious and the known, an attitude that is part of the DNA of the small team of journalists responsible for the reports, profile, interview, lifestyle suggestions, contained in this DOIS», he adds.

Dois magazine has a cover price of 4,90 euros, 96 pages and a circulation of 5000 copies.



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