Rescue of boat crew leads to arrest for drug trafficking off Olhão

20 bales of hashish were also seized, with a total weight of approximately 700 kilos.

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The rescue of two crew members from a semi-rigid vessel sailing in the Armona area and Farol, off the coast of Olhão, led to the discovery of «indications» of drug trafficking and the subsequent arrest of the duo and the seizure of almost 700 kilos of hashish, packed in bales.

According to the Judiciary Police, «when establishing a relationship between the two crew members of the vessel, of Spanish nationality», aged 45 and 48, «and the appearance of bales of hashish found floating nearby, in the Armona bar/Farol, in Olhão», the two men ended up being detained «on suspicion of committing the crime of drug trafficking».

This action resulted in the apprehension of 20 bales of hashish, with a total weight of approximately 700 kilos.

The semi-rigid vessel, nationally registered in recreational boating, navigation equipment and other instruments associated with the activity was also seized.

The detainees were presented to the competent judicial authority, having been held in pre-trial detention.

The investigation is being carried out by the Judiciary Police.

The rescue of the two men in danger at sea had been carried out by members of the Instituto de Socorros a Náufragos and the Maritime Police.