Magazine Dois launched in a party atmosphere

Dois magazine has a cover signed by Vhils


It was in a festive atmosphere that Dois magazine was launched this Friday, June 23rd. The event, which took place at the Tertúlia Algarvia restaurant, in Faro, gathered the team of Sul Informação, which produced “Dois”, mayors, regional directors, columnists, journalists, family members and many, many friends. 

The presentation was attended by close to a hundred guests, including professors and researchers from the University of Algarve (and its rector) and businessmen.

Dois magazine, a project made by the same team as Sul Informação, is on newsstands all over the Algarve, but also in Lisbon, Porto, in the cities around these major centers and in all district capitals, since this Friday, June 23rd.

Dois magazine, whose new edition has a cover signed by Vhils, is on sale for 4,90 euros.

Anyone who wants can also order it through the site.


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