Fresh cheese weighing 40 kilos and 80 centimeters was featured in Terra de Maio

“Maior Queijo de Cabra de Raça Algarvia” offered four varieties of cheese

A fresh cheese weighing around 40 kilos and measuring 80 centimeters in diameter, for which around 170 liters of milk and 1,5 kilos of fleur de sel from Castro Marim were needed.

Made, for the fifth time, by ANCCRAL (National Association of Breeders of Algarvian Goats), this cheese was one of the biggest attractions of the May Fair, which, from the 26th to the 28th, animated Azinhal, a village in the interior of the municipality of Castro Marim.

The “Maior Queijo de Cabra de Raça Algarvia” offered four varieties of cheese: genuine fresh cheese, fresh cheese with almonds and raisins, fresh cheese with coriander and parsley and fresh cheese with thyme.

Making artisanal cheese, in the cheese factory that is permanently open during the event, riding in a hot air balloon, trying out the art of milking or even practicing horseback riding, were other experiences that this Goat Fair offered to visitors.

With a lot of focus on children's entertainment, Terra de Maio also offered donkey rides, archery, a mobile library with workshops and games, archery and tracks for children's tractors.

With a diversified program, Terra de Maio presented a range of activities articulated with the values ​​of the interior and the region, promoting the flavors of the rural world, either in the event's gastronomy taverns, or in the haute cuisine demonstrations of the School of Hospitality and Tourism by Vila Real de Santo António and chefs Alípio Branco, David Domingues and Luís Brito.

The autochthonous breeds on display at the event, Cabra de Raça Algarvia and Ovelha Churra, were the main attractions of the event, an exhibition that results from the partnership of the Municipality of Castro Marim and ANCCRAL, but which is mainly due to the breeders of the region, returning to the already traditional Algarvian Goat Competition will take place.

On stage were big names in national music – the popular music group “De Moda em Moda”, “Irmãos Verdades” and Toy.

On Saturday, the morning was devoted to a seminar with enormous contributions on the Animal Health Law, Beekeeping and rainfed crops, among other approaches, with the participation of the Directorate-General for Food and Veterinary Medicine, the Regional Directorate for Agriculture and Fisheries of Algarve and the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests.

Terra de Maio was organized by the Municipality of Castro Marim and the Parish Council of Azinhal, with the collaboration of the Hotel and Tourism School of Vila Real de St. António, National Association of Algarve Goat Breeders (ANCCRAL), Regional Directorate for Agriculture and Fisheries of the Algarve, General Directorate for Food and Veterinary, Algarve Wine Commission, brand, Institute for Nature and Forest Conservation, Casa do Povo do Azinhal, Recreational and Cultural Association of Azinhal and CCD of Castro Marim City Council.



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