Next Municipal Assembly of Portimão discusses Regional Strategy 2030

On the 19th of June, at 19 pm, in the Main Hall of the City Hall

The 3rd Extraordinary Session of the Municipal Assembly of Portimão will take place on the 19th of June, at 19:00, in the Main Hall of the Town Hall.

The theme was stipulated at the request of the Commission for Coordination and Regional Development (CCDR), says the notice.

After the citizens' intervention period, the agenda period will follow, with three points.

The first point of discussion is the 2030 Regional Strategy, and the status of the implementation and acceleration of the execution of the
Regional Operational Program - Portugal 2020, in the implementation of the Recovery and Resilience Plan in the Region and developments in the start of ALGARVE2023 within the framework of Portugal 2030.

It will also discuss the inter-service articulation and work perspective, opened by the Program of the XXIII Constitutional Government, in terms of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of public services in the Region and territorial ordering, namely with the adaptation of the Municipal Master Plans under the terms of Decree-Law 80/2025, of May 14, in its current wording.