Manuel Teixeira Gomes Literary Prize increases to 3500 euros

The prize returns to «stimulate literary creation and honor the writer-President of the Republic»

This year's edition of the Manuel Teixeira Gomes Literary Prize, open to novels, will be officially launched on the 10th of June, Portugal, Camões and Portuguese Communities Day, with the prize of 3500 euros reserved for the winner and the printing of 300 copies of his work.

Sponsored by the Portimão City Council and Manuel Teixeira Gomes Municipal Library, the event aims to «encourage literary creation and honor the writer-President of the Republic, born in Portimão and patron of the award, whose life and work are linked to the Arade River and to the Algarve», explains the municipality.

The works in competition, a maximum of 80 pages in A4 format and on a free topic, must be unpublished and written in Portuguese. The delivery period runs between 00:00 on the 10th of June and 23:59 on the 13th of July, mainland Portugal time, and texts sent after that date will not be considered.

National authors, citizens of EU countries or Portuguese-speaking countries, as well as foreign writers with regularized status of residence in Portugal, may participate.

In this website, competitors can consult the rules of participation and fill in a form with their identifying data (name, email address, identification number, NIF and telephone number), pseudonym and the title of the respective work, submitting the work to the competition in the same place , in PDF format.

The jury of the event will decide which work is awarded, to be officially announced during the month of December, as part of the commemorations of the Day of the City of Portimão. The same will happen if honorable mentions are considered, whose authors will receive a certificate, without any pecuniary correspondence.

Of the 300 copies of the winning work to be published by the Municipality of Portimão, half will go to the respective author, in addition to the monetary prize, which this year increased to 3500 euros, when in the last editions it was 1000 euros.