70-year-old recreational fisherman dies after falling from a fishing boat in Aljezur

Between Amoreira and Monte Clérigo beaches

A 70-year-old recreational fisherman died after a fishing boat fell into the water, between the beaches of Amoreira and Monte Clérigo, in Aljezur, this Friday, June 9th, in the afternoon.

​The alert to inform about the fisherman's fall was given around 18:40, with elements from the Sagres Lifeguard Station, the Local Command of the Maritime Police of Lagos, elements of the "SeaWatch" Project, as well as elements of the Aljezur Volunteer Firefighters, INEM and GNR.

“On arrival at the scene, it was found that the fisherman had been pulled out of the water by a surfer who was in the area, with the help of a firefighter, and resuscitation maneuvers had been started. Since it was not possible to reverse the situation, death was declared on the spot, by the INEM doctor, and the body was later transported to the Legal Medical Office in Portimão by the Volunteer Firefighters of Aljezur», describes the National Maritime Authority.

The local command of the Maritime Police of Lagos took care of the incident.