Parliament approves diploma that ends insurance couplet on car window

The proposal resulted from a bill presented by the Liberal Initiative

Parliament approved today, in a final global vote, a proposal that does away with the obligation to affix the car insurance sign to the car window, as well as the fines associated with this non-posting.

The proposal, which resulted from a bill presented by the Liberal Initiative, was approved with the favorable vote of the PS, PCP and BE, as well as the proponent, the PSD abstaining and the vote against Chega.

In the statement of reasons for this initiative, IL stressed: «in a historical context of strong financial restrictions we do not see it as proportional or justified that the State charges hundreds of euros just for forgetting a simple paper that only transmits information that is already in the possession of who fines», justifying the repeal of the articles of legislation that currently oblige motorists to post the insurance sign, as well as the respective fines.

The final text approved today, adds a few points to the article of the law that defines the rules for issuing documents proving insurance, providing that these documents can be issued and made available through electronic means, «without prejudice to their issuance and availability on paper, without additional costs, at the request of the policyholder or, where applicable, of the insured, or in cases where they do not demonstrably have adequate electronic means for the safe transmission and reception of the same”.

These documents issued electronically “replace the paper insurance certificate”.