Vilamoura Marina has plans to become even more “green”

Marina has invested in environmentally friendly measures

Marina de Vilamoura wants to remain «at the forefront of adopting measures that contribute to a greener and more sustainable world» and has plans to continue the environmental measures that it has implemented over «the last few years», guaranteed Isolete Correia, administrator of this infrastructure.

On the day that World Environment Day is celebrated, Marina de Vilamoura recalled «its everlasting commitment to sustainability», namely the «initiatives to improve quality in general and environmental quality» that it has been promoting for two decades.

These actions «have already earned it the attribution of comprehensive certifications such as ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, but also specific distinctions for marinas such as the Blue Flag or the 5 Anchor Platinum and the Clean Marina awarded by The Yacht Harbor Association», according to the Marina from Vilamoura.

More recently, this entity acquired «a 100% electric vehicle for the transport of waste. This vehicle circulates around the marina on a daily basis, allowing noise reduction and avoiding the emission of exhaust gases near passers-by and terraces», but also installed «136 photovoltaic modules (460W), which allow an estimated CO2 reduction of 12 tons per annum".

«As far as water and energy consumption is concerned, Vilamoura Marina has been taking measures to reduce and control it, both through the modernization of equipment – ​​for example, taps with flow reducers activated by sensors and/or timers – and implementing rules and raising environmental awareness among customers, partners and service providers. This type of measure allowed a reduction of water and electricity consumption in the Marina's changing rooms by around 50%», adds the company.

«Environmental sustainability is an indispensable criterion for investors, customers, partners and, of course, for ourselves and our employees. For this reason, it is also a watchword in everything that is done at Vilamoura World», said Isolete Correia.

The training and experience of the Marina teams also includes a focus on the issue of prevention, control and correction of incidents with an environmental impact.

«This responsiveness involves the availability of materials to combat oil spills in the water, the pump-out system for collecting waste and oily water, as well as daily inspection on the ground and of the work carried out in the areas of influence of the Marina» , describes Marian de Vilamoura.

The company also periodically carries out environmental education activities, covering both school groups and company employees, within the scope of the Marina's Blue Flag annual program.

After celebrating World Environment Day, which is celebrated today, the 5th of June, Vilamoura Marina already has plans drawn up for World Oceans Day, which is celebrated on the 8th, namely a boat trip along the coast , «an initiative that aims to share with the community the importance of preserving the environment, starting with the oceans».

In collaboration with the Municipality of Loulé, a 4th grade class from the EB1 Hortas de Santo António School and a group of users from UNIR – Association of the Mentally Ill Families and Friends of the Algarve will participate in the activity.

As part of the European Blue Flag Programme, the trip aboard a catamaran will allow you to enjoy the landscape and observe the different types of coastline, with the guidance and explanation of researcher Guilherme Estrela, from the Associação de Investigação dos Meios Marinhos, who will create a action on oceans, ecosystems and marine pollution.