Marcelo asks the bank for «a little effort» to better pay deposits

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa visited the National Agriculture Fair

The President of the Republic asked today, in Santarém, for a «little effort» from banks to «make more attractive» the payment of deposits to the Portuguese.

Speaking to journalists during the visit that follows the inauguration of the National Agriculture Fair, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa took the opportunity to «appeal again to the bank», taking into account the demand for savings certificates, a sign that «the Portuguese think that what that the bank is paying is little and they seek compensation in savings certificates».

«Banking cannot expect, without meditating on the matter, that it will always have a situation which is that, when an alternative use in relation to deposits begins to appear, which the Portuguese consider to be poorly paid, which is to continue the thing in the same way , because these workarounds will no longer be used».

«You can't, you have to make at least a little effort to understand when people bet on interest rates of 3 points, this is because they receive a third in the bank and that the situation is not indefinitely to leave or suspend or postpone or stop resorting to these alternative means of savings, savings, just because the bank understands that it must not only recover the past, but also protect itself for the future», he declared.

Referring to the decision to suspend the issuance of savings certificates with interest of 3,5%, in order to launch «a new type of savings certificate aimed at the medium term, with remunerations that increase over time», the President stated that this is a situation that worries him, reiterating the appeal he had already made to the bank.