The sea will be highlighted at the Portimão Museum with an exhibition by painter Rodrigo Vilhena

The exhibition “Passengers of the Wind” can be visited until July 23

The painter Rodrigo Vilhena inaugurates at the Museum of Portimão, on the 17th of June, at 17 pm, the exhibition “Passageiros do Vento”, based on the sea. 

In this exhibition, the artist builds a narrative of marine paintings «where the visitor/observer intersects and merges with the sea traveler, the
oscillation of the waves and the fluctuation of the horizon line».

In the exhibition space, in addition to the “marine art” paintings, two pictorial sculptures can be seen, entitled “Pangea 1” and “Pangea 2”, two almost mechanical constructions that move in the museum space, filled with small-format paintings , «challenging the visitor to venture out on another journey, on random paths, becoming himself the “Passenger of the Wind”».

«Almost like a fading of the seas, in a few brushstrokes and small touches of blues and whites, Rodrigo Vilhena expresses the existential journey of being, narrated by pictorial images, in variations of the look of a passenger on the seas sculpted by the wind and colors» , explains the Portimão municipality in a note.



Rodrigo Vilhena was born in Lisbon in 1968, has a master's degree in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, and received a scholarship from “Sensable Technologies” at The Banff Center for the Arts, Canada and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Researcher in the projects “A Imagem na Arte e na Ciência” (2007-2013) and “Enciclopédia e Hipertexto” (2002-2004), he collaborated in the “Center for Images in Science and Art” (2011), of the Faculty of Sciences of the University from Lisbon.

Among her exhibition projects, the most notable are “Galeria Dona Ivone” (2000-2001), “Condição Humana” (2002), “Solaris” (2004-2009), “Voyeur Project View” (2005-2009) and “Galeria Invisível ” (2016-2019).

Curator of several exhibitions, he was shortlisted for the “Curatorial Award” of the Qatar Museums and Prada Foundation (2013), exhibiting individually and collectively since the early 1990s in Portugal, Spain, England and Austria. He is represented in the collections of the PLMJ Foundation, António Prates Foundation, MU.SA – Sintra Arts Museum, Fronteira and Alorna Houses Foundation, Ponte de Sor Arts and Culture Center, ESAD – Caldas da Rainha.

The exhibition “Passageiros do Vento” can be visited until the 23rd of July at the following times: Tuesday, from 14 pm to 30 pm, from Wednesday to Sunday from 18 am to 00 pm.