June brings a new cycle to the Cineclube de Faro

There is also a new cycle

Four films in the cycle of the month, covering various topics, from political scandals to documentaries about wars for independence of countries, the continuation of the cycle “Under the Influence”, with another film by John Casavettes, a collaboration with aeQuum at LOUD Fest, and finally, “Libertar a Memória”, a cycle that runs until September, as part of the DiVaM programme, a program run by the Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve. This is, in short, the June program of the Cineclube de Faro.

IPDJ | 21:30
DAY 1 – A SINDICALISTA, Jean-Paul Salomé, DE/FR, 2023, 122', M/12
Directed by Jean-Paul Salome and starring Isabelle Huppert, the film tells the true story of Maureen Kearney, a union representative who denounced secret deals in the French nuclear industry. Provoking friction between powerful people, the woman is violently attacked inside her home, and the investigation transforms her from victim to suspect.

IPDJ | 21:30
DAY 8 – AS BESTAS, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, FR/ES, 2022, 137', M/16
To escape the hustle and bustle of their lives in France, Antoine and Olga bought a country house in a small village in Galicia. In this very special place for them, they lead a life close to nature, taking care of the garden and recovering houses in ruins with the intention of bringing more people there. But that tranquility ends when they find themselves involved in a dispute with two brothers from the neighborhood. And what promised to be a simple and pleasant life quickly turns into hell.

IPDJ | 21:30
DAY 15 – THE SAILOR OF THE MOUNTAINS, Karim Aïnouz, BR/FR/DE, 2021, 98', M/12
Marinheiro das Montanhas is a travel diary filmed on Karim's first trip to Algeria, the country where his father was born. Between travel records, home footage, family photographs, historical archives and super-8 footage, the film operates a fine seam between the love story of the director's parents and the Algerian War of Independence, childhood memories and the contrasts between Kabylia (mountainous region in northern Algeria) and Fortaleza, hometown of Karim and his mother, Iracema. Past, present and future intertwine in a unique crossing.

IPDJ | 21:30
DAY 22 – CHILE, 1976, Manuela Martelli, CL/AR/QT, 2022, 95´, M/12
He directs the brilliant Aline Küppenheim in the role of Carmen, a well-established married woman who, on a visit to her summer home, finds herself drawn into the political struggle when the local priest asks her for help caring for a wounded resistance fighter. A tepid marital drama turns into a political thriller, chilling in the contrast between conformist comfort and the terror of opposition to the Pinochet regime, in Chile in 1976.

IPDJ | 18:00
DAY 17 – A WOMAN UNDER THE INFLUENCE, John Cassavetes, USA, 1974, 146', M/12
Due to her husband's indifference and not being able to withstand the pressure of the social environment in which she lives, a woman gradually falls into a kind of soft madness. It is one of Gena Rowlands' great roles and one of Cassavetes' most celebrated films.

IPDJ | 10:30

DiVaM 2023
24 – SAGRES FORTRESS | 17:30 pm
“Freeing Memory” CYCLE
Inserted in the DiVaM 2023 Program – Promotion and Enhancement of Monuments, by the Regional Directorate for Culture of the Algarve
W/ Presentation by Gisela Casimiro
DEBAIXO DO CARPET, Catarina Demony and Carlos A. Costa, PT, 2023, 48′

More than a decade ago, Portuguese journalist Catarina Demony discovered that her family had a hidden past. Her ancestors, the Matoso de Andrade and Câmara, were some of the biggest slave traders in Angola. Since then, Catarina has known that she wanted to take her family's history “under the rug” and draw attention to the lasting impact of that past: racism, violence, segregation. The documentary tells a not unusual story in Portugal: a family that earned money by trafficking human beings and stripping them of their dignity. That money indirectly gave Catarina and many others the privileges they enjoy today. Together with journalist Carlos A. Costa, the documentary not only tells the story of Catarina's family, but also explains the consequences of centuries of enslavement.

With Associação aeQuum – Support for LGBTI+ Inclusion, within the scope of LOUD FEST 2023
IPDJ | 21:30
DAY 29 – WOLF AND DOG, Cláudia Varejão, Portugal, 2022, 111', M/14
DAY 30 – THE RESISTANCE OF THE FIREFLIES, Márcia Bellotti and Luíza Ribeiro, 2023. With the presence of the filmmakers
FOLLOWING ALL PROTOCOLS, Fábio Leal, Brazil, 2022, 75', M/16