Imortal represents Portugal at the European Veterans Basketball Championship in Albufeira

The participation of the Portuguese team is the realization of an old dream of its 15 players

Imortal will be one of the teams to represent Portugal in the Veterans Basketball European Championship which runs until next Saturday, June 17th, in Albufeira. 

This will be the first time that the Algarve team participates in the competition.

The team from the Algarve – men's over 40 age group – will face teams from 24 countries, such as Austria, Italy, Ukraine, Latvia, Mexico and the United States.

The participation of the Portuguese team is the realization of an old dream of its 15 players, united by their passion for the sport.

Nuno Vieira, captain and sports director, guarantees that everyone is "confident".

«We've been training for several weeks with dedication and discipline to make the country proud of our performance», he says.

Ricardo Xufre, the former coach who led the senior women's squad to the top league, took on the challenge of guiding the team and ensures that «everyone is motivated to go far and leave a mark».

In the first phase of the championship, Imortal Basket, supported by the Câmara de Albufeira, will meet teams from Estonia, Italy and Ukraine. The first game will be this Sunday, at 17 pm, against Sportland, a team from Northern Europe, at the Pavilhão da Escola Básica e Secundária.

The second will be on Monday, the 12th, against Italbasketmaster (Italy), at 19:00, in the Pavilhão da Secundária de Albufeira.

The third game of the first phase will be played on Tuesday, 13th, against Ukraine United, at 17:45, in the Pavilhão da Escola EB 2,3 Prof.ª Diamantina Negrão.


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