Geopalcos proposes dance, cinema, writing birds and unprecedented concerts

Geopalcos is a biannual initiative that involves the three municipalities promoting the candidacy of the aspiring Geoparque Algarvensis to be a UNESCO Geopark

The initiative "Let's Go... to the Filmmakers School", which will take place at the Professional School Cândido Guerreiro, in Alte, tomorrow, June 9th, between 14 pm and 30 pm, marks the start of the Geopalcos program for the next weekends, in various locations in the municipalities of Loulé and Silves.

This time, the venue is the Cândido Guerreiro Professional School, with the short films to be shown being produced by the institution's students, within the scope of Cinekids, jointly organized by the Loulé Film Office and the Education Division of the Municipality of Loulé.

The following day, Saturday, June 10th, it is Querença's turn to receive a performance, with “Take me to heaven”, by ArQuente, at 20:00. A work linked to dance, the body, choreography and the occupation of space, in which nothing is conventional, but at the same time, nothing is strange.

“The immensity welcomes us and shows us what we want and can see. We cross the landscape and live it within ourselves”, describes ArQuente, anticipating the show on June 10th.

On Sunday, the 11th, it's Barranco do Velho's turn to host the performance “The Writer Bird”, by the Figo Lampo association. “The Bird Writer” is a show aimed at children and families, which combines texts by great writers with works by great composers, combining music with poetry. To see and hear at 11:00 am, in the Church of Barranco do Velho.

Also on the 11th, “Interferes”, a research and choreographic creation workshop, authored by Ana Borges, begins. The work takes place in the village of Tôr, in Loulé, and ends on the 17th (registrations [email protected], maximum of 15 people).

Ana Borges embraces the relationship between dance and unconventional spaces, following an aesthetic linked to the American dance movements of the 60s and 70s. XX. The workshop is thus designing a choreographic structure that results in a final performance, on the 18th of June, which will take place at Ponte Medieval da Tôr.

Still on Sunday, but in the evening, at 21 pm, Geopalcos will be in Salir, with a concert by the singer-songwriter Luís Galrito, who will present his most recent album, “Nós e os outros”, at the Main Church of Salir.

“When we, peoples from here, join hands with others, peoples from there (rest of the world) and in solidarity we are just one on the path of liberating any elite from oppression, come from there or from here, be it by looting natural resources, for territories, or for the lucrative trade in arms, when we do not allow them to divide us, when we are just one us, and we defend the right to self-determination of all peoples (both those from here and those from there) and If we allow ourselves to be just one human family, when the power of love overcomes the love of power, who knows, who knows, we will finally have peace in the world?”, asks the musician and composer.

“Nos e os outros” is an album composed, produced and performed by Luís Galrito, in a show not to be missed.

On the following weekend, the 17th and 18th of June, the Algarvensis Geopark will also be celebrating. Let the village of Penina say so, which re-edits, on June 17, “Penina em Festa”, a day full of activities in this very characteristic village, close to Salir.

The program starts at 09:00 am, with walks, and also includes workshops on how to make craft beer or ride a horse, among others, as well as exhibitions, street entertainment and concerts, with two bands to remember, In Versus and Urze de Lume , starting at 21:30.

Also on the 17th, but at night, it's Silves' turn to host an unprecedented concert with two great guitar masters. It is at Moinho do Rodete, at 21 pm, a show that brings together – again – Vítor Bacalhau and Ricardo Martins, they who, in 30, played together in a quarry in Silves and are now called Terra Sul.

This time, music joins dance, with the participation of Associação Cultural Dancenema. A show in which the bodies will be able to express on stage the sound waves of this marriage between the Portuguese guitar and the blues guitar.

On the 18th, in Loulé, but in Varjota, there is a walk in the fresh air, at 8 am. It will be a geological route in Campos de Lapiás da Varjota, an opportunity not to be missed to discover that geological heritage. The tour, with a duration of 00 and a half hours, and a total distance of 3 kilometres, requires registration, via the email [email protected].

And still in Loulé, also on the 18th, but at 19 pm, Ana Borges presents the Performance Interferes_vol.00 [Ponte Medieval da Tôr_Loulé], a dance event with the participation of the local community that takes place in the open air, in the middle of the river next to the Tor Bridge.

Geopalcos is a biannual initiative that involves the three municipalities (Loulé, Albufeira and Silves) promoting the candidacy of the Algarvensis Geopark aspirant the UNESCO Geopark and which takes to the interior of the Algarve multiple cultural activities, including visual arts and performing arts.

For more information send an email to [email protected] or call +351 289 400 820