Farense dreams of women's football, Câmara expects to give up ground later this year

The idea does not materialize due to lack of conditions

It is a dream and a goal: Farense wants to start having women's football and take another «big step». The lack of a field in the city is an obstacle, but, on the part of the City Council, there is the expectation that, later this year, a land will be ceded to Farense.

The aspiration to create a section of women's football, in Farense, was assumed by João Rodrigues, president of the club, last Monday, May 29, at the reception in the Câmara de Faro, after rising to the I Liga.

After addressing the issue in his speech, the leader of the Algarve emblem explained, in statements to journalists, that the idea has not materialized yet... due to lack of conditions.

«We cannot embark on such a situation without having at least one more synthetic field, in Faro, not only for training, but for women's football», he said.

Regarding youth football – and at a time when the Farense Internship Center is being built, in São Brás de Alportel -, João Rodrigues considered that «it is not feasible to take children aged 7, 8, 9 every day 15, 20 kilometers from Faro».

Above all, considered the leader of the Algarve, it is necessary "to create conditions, as we have done for senior, under-23 and junior football" to then move forward with women's football.

«Anyone who knows Farense and how our club's formation works, knows that we do almost miracles with the infrastructure we have. Farense has three teams in the national divisions, plus the under-23 team with a field that we share with four other teams », he added.

On the part of the Chamber of Faro, there seems to be openness to support this Farense project.

Speaking to journalists, the mayor Rogério Bacalhau guaranteed that there is “a piece of land in sight in the city to cede to Farense to make some fields”.

«We are cherishing that and I hope, during this year, we will be able to give a land to Farense to make training camps and in particular with women's football», added the mayor.


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