Escola Básica da Conceição won the Galp Foundation Energy Up award category

The big winner this year was the Training and Education Center of Pina Manique

The Basic School of Conceição (Faro) won the 1st cycle category of the Energy Up award, from the Galp Foundation, with the project “Discovering Energy”. 

This initiative, promoted by the school, served to make students aware of the use of renewable energy.

The Escola Básica da Conceição won a 1000 euro tuition voucher.

The big winner this year was the Training and Education Center of Pina Manique.

The professional school in Lisbon distinguished itself among 65 applications from all over the country with the multidisciplinary project “Pina Manique Circular”, a series of initiatives that allowed a 35% reduction in energy consumption in the school context.

Students and teachers from Pina Manique received an installation of Galp Solar photovoltaic panels worth €20 as a prize.

ADENE, the Portuguese Environment Agency, the General Directorate of Education and the General Directorate of Energy and Geology were the institutional partners of the 2023 edition. The Energy Up Award is one of the banners of the Future Up Educational Project, through which the Galp Foundation mobilizes teachers and students for a fair, solidary and inclusive energy transition.

Future Up is a measure financed within the scope of the Plan for the Promotion of Efficiency in Energy Consumption, approved by ERSE – Entidade Reguladora dos Serviços Energéticos.