DiVaM returns with music, cinema and the first talk about “(Un)comfortable Heritage”

Programming of the 10th edition of DiVaM ends in December

Photo: Regional Directorate of Culture

Cinema, music, storytelling workshops, theatre, poetry and the first conversation on “(Un)comfortable Heritage” mark yet another edition of DiVaM – Dynamization and Enhancement of Monuments, whose program was presented last Saturday, May 27th. 

“(Un)comfortable Heritage” was the theme chosen for this 10th edition, which features 13 projects and activities, between May and December, in the three monuments assigned to the Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve (DRCAlg): Roman Ruins of Milreu , Fortress of Sagres and Hermitage of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

«It is a very current theme and the opening of the Exhibition Center of the Fortress of Sagres it also appeals to this because, on the one hand, it has an aspect in which it shows all the Portuguese expansion, discoveries and evolutions of navigation techniques, but, on the other hand, it also has a part of which we are not proud, which is related to slavery. What happens is that, many times, as it is not comfortable to talk about certain subjects, it is simply not said, but it is necessary to talk about it», says Adriana Nogueira, regional director of Culture, to the Sul Informação. 

Thus, on the 17th of November, at 15 pm, the first conversation and debate on “(Un)comfortable Heritage” will take place at the Fortress of Sagres, which will be led by Vicentina – Associação para o Desenvolvimento do Sudoeste, and which will feature the participation of people who «will question several important issues and give voice to matters that, for a long time, were not addressed», stresses Adriana Nogueira.



From this year's programming, the regional director of Culture also highlights the movie The Fortress belongs to us, which is being directed by Ana Medeira and highlights the fishermen from the cliffs of the Sagres Fortress, whose debut will mark the end of the DiVaM program, on December 3, at 16 pm.

For this 10th edition, the film cycle “Freeing the memory” is also planned, with suggestions from several people. In the first screening, which took place on the 27th of May, the day the program was presented, the film On Africa, by Skip Norman.

«The first film was very impressive and talks exactly about the fact that, in 1970, Portugal was still a colonialist country. It is important to remember this reality, because we are no longer like that, but we were, and it is important to talk about it, because this was something that happened and left many marks on many people», reinforces the regional director of Culture.

In addition to these three outstanding projects, the program has many more, such as the storytelling workshop “NOVA Escola de Sagres”, on October 12th, at 10:00 am, the Dias d'As Virgens Negras, at the Ermida de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe, between the 17th and 27th of June, or the performance “As Carpideiras”, on the 17th of June, at 16 pm, at the Roman Ruins of Milreu.

Both in the Ruins and in the Ermida, the programming takes place essentially in this quarter, due to the works that will begin to be carried out there within the scope of the PRR.

This year, DiVaM has a total investment of around 55 thousand euros.

See the full program here


Photos: Regional Directorate of Culture



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