High-speed boat detected drifting off the coast of Faro

It was towed, as it constituted a danger to navigation.

A vessel that was adrift 35 nautical miles (approximately 65 kilometers) south of Faro, was detected yesterday afternoon, June 7th, with no crew on board or any cargo.

According to the National Maritime Authority, there is “confirmation that it is a high-speed vessel linked to drug trafficking”.

Following the alert of a merchant ship, informing that it had detected a vessel adrift on the high seas, in an area of ​​intense merchant shipping traffic, the National Maritime Authority, together with the Portuguese Navy, carried out searches for the vessel.

Several means of the Local Command of the Maritime Police of Faro and two Navy ships.

The vessel was eventually found during the early hours of the morning, without a crew or cargo on board, having been towed away as it constituted a danger to navigation.