Olhão Municipal Council of Education meets already thinking about the next school year

One of these measures, to be implemented in the next school year, will be the strengthening of the classroom school material kit

The Municipal Council of Education of the Municipality of Olhão met last week for another ordinary meeting, where an assessment was made of the elective year that is coming to an end and the next one was discussed. 

According to the municipality, a reflection was made on the full-time school, namely with regard to Animation and Family Support Activities, the Family Support Component and Curriculum Enrichment Activities and the proposal to change the Regulation of Scholarships.

The meeting came after a previous meeting with the directors of school groups in the municipality, in which, according to the councilor responsible for Education, Elsa Parreira, «an assessment of the school year that is now ending was made, so that we can, in an articulated way and in a timely manner, plan the next one".

One of these measures, to be implemented in the next school year, will be the reinforcement of the classroom material kit, as well as the reinforcement of the material kit for the pre-school classrooms with a financial complement.

Another topic addressed was school transport. «The need for greater articulation between schools and the Municipality was identified, in order to achieve better coordination of deadlines that lead to more efficient planning», says the municipality, recalling that it ensures the transport of students in areas where there is no transport public and children who have specific educational needs.