Heat will continue through Wednesday

This heat wave is expected to be longer «to the south of the Tagus and Beira Baixa»

The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA) predicts that the heat will remain until Wednesday, June 28th, with a special focus on the Algarve and interior North and Centre. 

According to the IPMA, “high maximum temperature values ​​are expected until the 28th in the interior North and Center and in the South region, with values ​​above 30°C in most of the territory, being between 35 and 40°C in the interior south of the Tejo and Beira Baixa, where 40 to 43°C could be reached».

The minimum temperature is also expected to be high, with tropical nights (minimums above 20°C) in several places in the Center and South, with emphasis on the Sotavento Algarve, «where the minimums may be close to 25°C», says the IPMA .

Moreover, this heat wave should be more prolonged «to the south of the Tagus and Beira Baixa», with the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere also warning of the risk of fire.

From this Sunday, the 25th, "with the intensification of an anticyclonic ridge associated with an anticyclone located in the Azores region", it is also expected "wind rotation to the north quadrant and an intensification on the west coast and in the highlands, with the consequent decrease in the values ​​of maximum temperature on the North and Center coast».

These values ​​should be between 25 and 30°C, being lower in some places along the coast.

The heat wave originates from the joint action of an anticyclonic region between Western Europe and the Madeira archipelago, and a low pressure valley that extends from North Africa to the Iberian Peninsula.