Monterosa olive oil continues to be popular around the world

In addition to the production and marketing of olive oil, the company is also committed to olive tourism.

The extra virgin olive oil “Monterosa Premium Maçanilha”, produced in Moncarapacho (Olhão), won, in April and May, another series of international awards. 

This oil won, for the 11th consecutive year, a gold medal at the New York International Olive Oil Competition and also obtained the gold medal at the Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards, a silver medal at the Olive Japan, which took place in Tokyo, and the Gourmet prize de Paris awarded by the French Agricultural Products Promotion Agency.

In addition to the Maçanilha variety, another single varietal produced by this brand was also awarded: the Monterosa Premium Cobrançosa obtained Silver in Berlin.

Monterosa Premium Selection, which includes a mix of varieties, won gold at Olive Japan.

«In the scenario of great international instability in which we live, which makes planning and managing any business difficult, these awards have a special flavor and give the Monterosa team strength to face the present and the near future with motivation. Obtaining harvest after harvest of excellent olive oil is the main focus of our brand», says José Dâmaso, director and partner of the company.

«No less important than the level of quality is our commitment to sustainability and the circular economy at all stages of the production process. All Monterosa olive oils are produced following a rigorous Integrated Production system that guarantees respect for the environment and the consumer», he adds.

In addition to the production and marketing of olive oil, the company is also committed to olive tourism.

Monterosa guided tours last approximately one and a half hours and introduce participants to the different olive varieties grown on the farm, production and extraction processes and sustainable agricultural practices.

The experience ends with a moment of tasting Monterosa olive oils, with a commented tasting.

It is possible to schedule private visits or join one of the regular visits. The visit calendar is available here