Expansion of the Diamantina Negrão School allows for a growing number of students in Albufeira

Works cost 2,4 million euros, but more investments in schools will follow

Photo: Rui Gregório | CM Albufeira

“20 years ago, we had all schools on a dual basis, which involved a huge overload, with the school operating continuously, meaning that there were no spaces available for extracurricular activities and for the socialization of the kids”, said the mayor. de Albufeira this Thursday, June 1st, at the inauguration of the refurbishment and expansion works at the Diamantina Negrão School.

Then, “during the 2009 crisis, we lost many children and were left with empty classrooms, but, from one moment to the next, the population began to grow and we were forced to find solutions, namely to build more schools and expand other so that more children could attend official education in our municipality”, added José Carlos Rolo.

World Children's Day was chosen for the inauguration of works at that school. “What better gift could we give our students and the rest of the school's educational community, other than improving the conditions for young people to learn and teachers to teach with dignity and quality?”, questioned the mayor during the ceremony.

Emphasizing that “School is not just about academic knowledge, it also depends, and a lot, on the learning that takes place in the community and in the play group and we, the adults, have the responsibility of ensuring that we leave a better and more tolerant generation” , José Carlos Rolo stressed that, “at the moment, we are still in the growth phase”.

For this very reason, the Albufeira City Council plans to launch another series of new works, including the expansion of the Ferreiras Kindergarten, the Secondary and Francisco Cabrita Schools and several Kindergartens (Correeira, Vale Rabelho, Caliços , among other school equipment), “projects that we will advance as soon as there is funding, and we hope to have some funds from the PRR”.



Vítor Ferraz, director of the Ferreiras School Group, said he was very satisfied, having thanked the City Council, in the person of its president, the construction company and the local authority services involved in carrying out the work.

He also highlighted that "there must not be many schools in the District that have three sports spaces, which makes it possible for several classes to be held simultaneously", as well as "excellent laboratories, where students can develop different experiences, such as the ones we just saw a few years ago". little [the activation of a volcano], in collaboration with the Science and Physics teachers”.

Guests had the opportunity to visit the various rooms, with emphasis on the music room, where the students treated them to a melody played on flutes, the Interactive Computer room, the Sports Pavilion and the outdoor playground.

Vítor Ferraz referred to the lack of land next to the school due to tourist pressure, arguing that there is still a “need to create a socializing space for young people to be able to socialize without being attached only to their cell phones”.

At the same time, the Director of the Grouping spoke about the project to expand the Escola de Ferreiras, which is ready to be presented to the CCRA, a project “developed with the school in mind, but also geared towards the community”.

“We look to the future with joy and confidence”, concluded the director of the Ferreiras School Group.



Alexandre Lima, regional director of Education in the Algarve, also expressed “great joy at being here to witness the inauguration of this work”, “in a municipality where so much is needed” the expansion of the school park.

Since 2001, there has been an increase in the number of residents in Albufeira, which has had a significant impact on the school population and the occupation of teaching establishments.

“Albufeira City Council is attentive and committed to ensuring that the county's schools have all the conditions to accommodate this increase in students, as well as for teachers and other auxiliary staff to carry out their duties with the required quality. This project is a good example of that”, he concluded.

At the end of the interventions and the visit, the students prepare a drink for the guests, emphasizing the quality of the products and the service, as well as the friendliness with which they served the sweets and drinks they had prepared.


Work in two phases supported by funds from the Algarve Regional Program
The contract for Remodeling and Expansion of EB2,3 Diamantina Negrão, which started in October 2020, involved two phases: the first consisted of the construction of a new school block with seven more classrooms (4 laboratories, 1 ICT room, 1 room for CEF – Education and Training courses for young people, 1 normal classroom), the removal of all the asbestos on the roofs of the school and the construction of an outdoor field for basketball practice.

The second phase involved the expansion of the pre-existing Sports Pavilion, with the placement of a wooden floor and the creation of a new room, expansion of the changing rooms, implementation of a new water heating system, construction of another pavilion from scratch and expansion from the kitchen.

The value of the works amounted to 2,4 million euros, an investment shared in 40% by the funds of the Regional Program Algarve/Portugal 2020.

Photos: Rui Gregorio | CM Albufeira

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