Students from Tavira visit municipal nurseries as part of the National Garden Day

In this celebration, organized by Taviraverde, there was a guided tour of the Municipal Nurseries

The 3rd year classes of EB D. Manuel I de Tavira visited the Municipal Nurseries as part of the National Day of the Gardens, which was celebrated on the 25th of May.

In this celebration, organized by Taviraverde, there was a guided tour of the Municipal Nurseries, where they were shown how they work, the species of plants currently residing there and their life cycle, from seed preparation to the adult plant, ready for be placed in a green space in the municipality.

The internal composting phase of green waste was also shown, removed from all the maintenance that Taviraverde carried out in the gardens (grass, branches, leaves).

The children also had the opportunity to put their “hands in the ground” and plant each one of them their own basil, which was offered to them at the end of the experience.

In a note, Taviraverde reinforces that the National Gardens Day is a tribute to the architect Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles, and intends to celebrate «the Importance and experience of these spaces, as well as the legacy of Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles in protecting the environment, defending the landscape and in promoting the quality of life of citizens».

Taviraverde is responsible for maintaining most of the public green spaces in the municipality of Tavira, through a protocol signed with the local authority, and is in charge of more than 220 green spaces, in a total area of ​​intervention of around 25 hectares, spread over more than 80 thousand hours of annual maintenance.

Taviraverde thus continues to defend the environment and the common space, with initiatives to raise environmental awareness among younger people.