Algarve had in 2023 the highest occupancy rate in May since 2001

AHETA revealed the latest data on tourist activity in the Algarve

In 2023, the Algarve had the highest occupancy rate per room in May of the last two decades, reaching an occupancy rate of 72,7%, almost three percentage points (pp) higher than that seen in 2019 (70%), the last full pre-pandemic tourist year.

The Association of Hotels and Tourist Enterprises of the Algarve (AHETA) revealed today, Friday, the most recent statistical data on the activity of its members, which confirm the upward trend seen since the beginning of the year.

To find an occupancy level per room in the month of May higher than that seen this year, one has to go back to 2001, the year in which this indicator was fixed at 74,9%. Since 1996, when AHETA started recording these data, there have only been two other years with a higher occupancy rate: 1999 (80,8%) and 1997 (73,2%).



Still with regard to data for May 2023, «the markets that most contributed to the rise seen were the Irish with +2,6pp and the North American with +0,7pp».

«The German market, with -1,3pp and the national one, with -1,0pp, were the ones that most contradicted the rise seen in May 2019», adds AHETA.

By geographical area, the biggest increases compared to 2019 occurred in Tavira (+8,7pp) and Lagos / Sagres (+2,4pp). Albufeira, the main tourist area, recorded a decrease of -2,4pp (-3,1%) compared to May 2019.



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