2400 kilos of sardines were seized in the Port of Portimão

Driver of the vehicle carrying the fish was identified and fined

The Coastal Control Unit (UCC) of the GNR seized 2400 kilos of sardines that were being improperly transported outside the auction, at the Fishing Port of Portimão, following an inspection action that took place yesterday, the 1st of June.

The «infringement for transporting fish outside the auction grounds, in violation of legal norms» was detected in an operation that «aimed to control the rules for capturing, landing and selling sardines», according to the GNR.

The Guard military "identified the driver of the transport vehicle, a 69-year-old man, and prepared the respective administrative offense report".

"The seized fish was sold at auction, thus leaving the value of the captive sale to the order of the process", added the GNR.