Windsurf: 1st Algarve Winter Speed ​​Challenge had 21 athletes

The competition format will continue on the 2nd of July, at Martinhal beach, as part of the National Windsurf Championship

1st Algarve Winter Speed ​​Challenge, which took place between January and April, had the participation of 21 athletes and ended on the 15th of last month. 

Initially scheduled to end in March, the event was extended until April 15th in order to allow all subscribers to complete the five sessions planned for the Event, since this winter was characterized as a very little windy winter.

The event, organized by GPS Wind Portugal, consisted of a windsurf speed test (fin) with GPS recording over a distance of 100 meters.

Each athlete used their GPS recording device (watch or smartphone) in any place suitable for windsurfing, as long as they were Algarve waters, (rias, lakes or sea).

After registration, the athlete sent the results to the organization.

Three different rankings were determined in the overall event, Barlavento zone, Sotavento zone, and General, always based on the best record in 100 meters.

The award ceremony took place at Martinhal beach, in Sagres.

winners list


1st place – Joel Ramos
2nd place – Sandro Matias
3rd place – Carlos Madeira

Windward Zone:

1st place – Joel Ramos
2nd place – Nuno Catarino
3rd place – Nelson Lourenço (Breakthrough Prize)

Leeward Zone:

1rd place – Carlos Madeira
2nd place – Sandro Matias
3rd place – Francisco Anselmo

The format of the competition will continue in a new event, which will take place on the 2nd of July, on Martinhal beach, included in the National Windsurfing Championship, and in the Feira do Mar de Sagres.