Volunteers will learn how to make lime to whitewash Cacela Velha

Workshop takes place next Saturday, May 20

Cacela Velha promotes, on Saturday, May 20th, a workshop that will encourage volunteers to make lime and whitewash. 

According to the Heritage Research and Information Center of Cacela, the activity aims to «explore in an educational way the processes of transforming limestone into lime, lime kilns, the knowledge of master lime workers, whitewashing techniques, water hydration quicklime and the execution of mortars'.

The workshop is part of the “CAIA-ME” – Whitewash Weekend in Cacela Velha initiative, with which the Center intends to «contribute to the dignification of the public space of Cacela Velha», for the «revaluation of materials and practices ancestors in the context of traditional architecture» and to «promote the exchange of practices and knowledge related to the uses of lime».

This is a voluntary action with the aim of involving the educational community, local agents and the general public in the conservation and enhancement of the historic center of Cacela Velha.

The workshop will be guided by Marta Santos, architect and postgraduate in Intangible Cultural Heritage, master in Rehabilitation of Architecture and Urban Centers.

The professional is preparing her PhD thesis in architecture, conservation and restoration at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon with the research «Conservation of exterior architectural surfaces in the Algarve region: Embossed ornaments and mortar work», supported by by FCT and included in the DB HERITAGE Project – Database of construction materials with historical and patrimonial interest.