New wine and organic lamb join the Algarve goat in Terra de Maio do Azinhal

Toy and Irmãos Verdade will be the headliners at the Feira da Cabra of the castromarinense breed from the Algarve

A new wine, made from grapes from an ancient vineyard that has been restored, a gastronomic experience with lamb from Churra sheep and a giant cheese, made from the milk of a goat from the Algarve, will give color and flavor to Terra de Maio – Feira da Cabra, which will take place between the 26th and 28th, at the Pavilhão Multiusos do Azinhal, in Castro Marim.

Adding to these attractions the usual taverns, concerts by Toy, Irmãos Verdades and Cante Alentejano, the animal exhibition, the hot air balloon and a space dedicated to children, the elements are gathered «for a party for the whole family » and which is expected to attract many people to this Castro Marim village, according to Filomena Sintra, vice-president of the Castro Marim Chamber.

In 2023, this event, which was born to promote the Algarve goat, but quickly became a space for disseminating the flavors and knowledge of the municipality of Castro Marim, will invest in differentiated gastronomic experiences.

According to Filomena Sintra, one of the highlights of the Terra de Maio fair, scheduled for May 28, at 17 pm, will be the presentation of a new wine, Lábios Nus, which results from the recovery of an old vineyard belonging to the Palma Dias family.

«The wine was created by the renowned winemaker Carlos Raposo and the property is managed by Aníbal Neto, who is also someone who has a lot of experience», revealed Filomena Sintra, who adds that this is a project driven by a descendant of Jacinto Palma Dias, currently in France, who decided to invest in this ancient vineyard.



Still in the field of gastronomy, which will have a place of great prominence in the 2023 edition of this fair, Filomena Sintra highlights the gastronomic demonstration of the «outstanding chef» Alípio Branco, who will present «a recipe for churra lamb created in an organic way ».

The lamb that will be used in this showcooking, scheduled for the 27th, at 17 pm, «was bred by a young producer from the municipality», who will be «one of the few, if not the only», to produce this sheep species endemic to the Algarve in a biological.

Still in terms of gastronomy, a highlight is the demonstrations “From the countryside to the table”, by the VRSA Hotel and Tourism School [May 26, 18:30 pm], by David Domingues, chef at Octant Praia Verde, [May 28, 18:00 pm], and Michelin star Luís Brito [May 28, 16:30 pm].

The Chamber of Castro Marim also highlights the Tuna Ronquear, on the 26th, at 19 pm, by the Confraria do Atum of Vila Real de Santo António and the presentation and tasting of craft beer by Senescal Brewery [May 30, 27 pm].

To these attractions, join those that, admits Filomena Sintra, are the ones that «attract the most people», namely the music, the food and drink taverns and the hot air balloon, «which is always very popular and was one of the last year's main attractions».



The public can also count on the 5th edition of the “Maior Queijo de Cabra de Raça Algarvia” – a fresh cheese weighing approximately 40 kilos and 80 centimeters in diameter, for which around 170 liters of milk will be needed -, which takes place on the 27th of May, at 18 pm and results from a challenge proposed by the municipality of Castro Marim to the National Association of Breeders of Algarvian Goats.

In the entertainment field, there will be concerts for different tastes.

On the 26th, at 21 pm, the popular music group “De Moda em Moda” takes the stage, focusing on the Alentejo song, recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 30.

On the 27th of May, Saturday, at 22 pm, the concert by the “Irmãos Verdades”, known for their zouk and kizomba rhythms, responsible for songs like “Yolanda” or “Isabella”.

The last night features the great and well-known singer Toy, at 19 pm.

In addition to the main concerts, Terra de Maio has «many experiences and activities to offer to young and old alike», such as «making artisanal cheese, experiencing the art of milking or even practicing horseback riding.

To the exhibition of “Indigenous Breeds: Cabra de Raça Algarvia; Churra sheep and Algarvian cow”, joins the Shepherd Dogs exhibition this year. «To see also the exhibition of “Voz do Guadiana” and the Queijaria of the Multipurpose Center, in permanent operation», according to the autarchy.



On Saturday, the morning is dedicated to a seminar on the Animal Health Law, Beekeeping and rainfed crops, with the participation of the Directorate-General for Food and Veterinary Medicine, the Regional Directorate for Agriculture and Fisheries of the Algarve and the Nature Conservation Institute and Forests.

This is also the moment to announce the winners of the Algarvian Goat Competition, which returns in this edition with around 10 breeders in competition.

For motorcycle lovers, on the 28th of May, at 9am, the 4th Motorcycle Meeting will take place from Largo do Mercado, organized by the Associação Recreativa e Cultural do Azinhal. On the same morning, there is a walk, for all those who want to join, starting from Casa do Povo do Azinhal.

«Known as the Feira da Cabra, Terra de Maio, in all its attractions and multifaceted approaches, strives to promote local and regional products resulting from activities related to agriculture and livestock, as well as the activities themselves, in addition to seeking to increase the sales volume of participating producers through direct marketing», describes the Chamber.

Terra de Maio is an organization of the Municipality of Castro Marim and Parish Council of Azinhal, with the collaboration of the School of Hospitality and Tourism of Vila Real de St. António, National Association of Algarve Goat Breeders (ANCCRAL), Regional Directorate for Agriculture and Fisheries of the Algarve, General Directorate for Food and Veterinary, Algarve Wine Commission, brand, Institute for Nature and Forest Conservation, Casa do Povo do Azinhal, Recreational and Cultural Association of Azinhal and CCD of Castro Marim City Council.



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