HPA Group Urology Service already has an innovative surgical technique

This is a "minimally invasive technique: no cut, no scar, no blood and no radiation"

The Urology Service of Grupo HPA Saúde inaugurated this Saturday, May 27, a surgical technique in the treatment of prostate cancer. 

This is a "minimally invasive technique: no cuts, no scars, no blood and no radiation", says the HPA.

«The magnitude of the ultrasound energy, which the Robotic Focal One System transmits, allows the temperature to rapidly increase at the desired point, causing a coagulation necrosis and allowing a rigorous extraction of the malignant prostatic lesion, without damaging the healthy tissues and structures around it. back," he adds.

«Precision is guaranteed by software that combines superimposed 3D images with magnetic resonance, whose movements are all robotically controlled and with sub-millimeter precision», he explains.

«On the other hand, this technique is also superior in terms of time: the whole planning, equipment configuration and procedure itself can take 45 minutes, that is, three times faster than most techniques», he says.

The driver of this new technology at the HPA Health Group, Professor Tiago Rodrigues, underlines that «the great added value is to allow treating focal lesions without compromising continence or sex life».

In Portugal, there are six thousand new cases diagnosed per year. They represent 10% of all new cancers diagnosed annually in the country.