Week of the Municipality of Loulé marked with a solemn ceremony and the signing of protocols

The Great Prize for Chronicle and Dispersed Literary Association Portuguese Writers / CM Loulé will also be awarded to Miguel Esteves Cardoso

Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação

Loulé Municipality Week will be marked between the 13th and 20th of May with a solemn ceremony, signing of a protocol, awarding of medals and prizes.

The celebrations start on Saturday, the 13th of May, with the 24th anniversary of the elevation of Quarteira to city status. The inauguration of the Quarteira Sociocultural Building, in Praça do Mar, and the signing of a protocol between the Municipality of Loulé and the GNR in the field of security in Vilamoura, are the main initiatives planned

The Cerca do Convento do Espírito Santo, in Loulé, will host all the public sessions included in the program, in a space that will be open to the general population. The first takes place on the 15th of May, at 17 pm, with the IAPMEI Awards ceremony and the distinction of companies in the municipality of Loulé with the PME Líder/PME Excelência status that have contributed to boosting the local economy.

Municipality employees will also be recognized and, as has been happening in recent years, workers with 25 and 35 years with the company will receive a medal. The ceremony takes place on the 17th, at 18 pm.

The Dia da Espiga or Thursday of Ascension – this year on the 18th of May – marks the Day of the Municipality of Loulé, the high point of the festivities. After the hoisting of the National Flag and National Anthem, from 10:00 am, the solemn ceremony takes place, with a more formal nature, in which the mayor Vítor Aleixo will give a speech summarizing the work carried out.

Also during the morning, the Great Prize for Chronicle and Dispersed Literary Association Portuguese Writers / CM Loulé will be awarded to Miguel Esteves Cardoso. The author will be in Loulé to receive this award, which is already a benchmark in terms of this literary genre, and which in this edition distinguishes the book “Independente Demente”.

In the afternoon, attention turns to the interior of the municipality and to the parish of Salir, where the Festa da Espiga takes place. Tradition that dates back to the 60s of the XNUMXth century, with its creation by José Viegas Gregório from Salir, this event brings an ethnographic parade with the main agricultural activity of this mountain parish. Music, gastronomy, handicrafts and a good mood are reasons to visit Salir.

On the 20th of May, in the morning, the former president of the Parish Council of Almancil João Martins and the association leader Hermes Alberto will name two streets in the town of Almancil, a posthumous tribute to two personalities who stood out in this parish of municipality of Loulé.

The commemorative program ends with yet another awarding of medals to the recipients, figures or entities that stood out in the most diverse areas of activity. This year there will be 15 medalists, in a ceremony that will also take place on the 20th of May, but at 15 pm.