Olhão lifeguard rescues sailboat crew that ran aground in Ria Formosa

This morning

The two crew members of a sailboat that ran aground in a shallow area on Ilha da Culatra, after having been adrift in the interior of the Ria Formosa, were rescued by the vessel from the Estação Salva-vidas de Olhão, today, May 29, at dawn .

At 00:50, an alert was given to inform that a sailboat was adrift inside the Ria Formosa, in Olhão, and members of the Local Command of the Maritime Police and the Lifeguard Station of Olhão were sent to the location.

Upon arrival, elements of the National Maritime Authority found "that the sailboat ended up running aground in a shallow area east of the Culatra nucleus, with the crew of the Lifeguard Station in Olhão rescuing the two people on board", aged 48 and 50 , who «needed no medical assistance», transporting them ashore.

The owner of the sailboat was contacted to remove the vessel from the site.

The local command of the Olhão Maritime Police took care of the incident.