Quarteira works to create «more aware and alert citizens» for the themes of the sea 

Hundreds of students gathered at Escola da Abelheira to address the theme of the sea

Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação

“Save the sea” is what the students and teachers of Quarteira want, who, throughout the year, have been working to create “more aware and alert citizens” for the preservation of the oceans, climate change and pollution. 

This Tuesday, May 23, was the day for around 20 classes from the Laura Ayres School Group, from pre-school to secondary education, to present their work on the sea, essentially through art.

«One of the objectives is for students to be more alert to these themes and, through the work, it is possible to understand everything that is being addressed in the different disciplines: from languages, to the arts, including geology», he explains to Sul Informação Patrícia Jesus, one of the teachers responsible for the project, as she shows us around the exhibition.

With this initiative – which is being developed by the Ciência Viva club at the Laura Ayres School, within the scope of the “Us and the Sea” project – the teacher believes that the schools of Quarteira are working to create «more aware citizens» for these themes.

As the classes gather on the playground at Escola da Abelheira, on the first floor, the 7th grade students work together with the 3rd graders to share knowledge and skills.


Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação


Carolina, from 7th grade at Escola São Pedro do Mar, is one of the students who is participating and who considers the activity “very important to better understand the themes of the sea and the animals that suffer”.

Vitória, from the same class, considers it essential that these teachings be passed on to the younger ones as well. «Now that we are already in a more advanced year, things are no longer presented with puppets and we already have a better idea of ​​everything. Unfortunately, we are not the ones who influence what is happening now, but we can influence what will happen in the future and I believe that it will be different with us», says the student to our newspaper.

For primary school teacher Sandra Silva, it is a source of pride to see her former students teaching their younger colleagues. «These are themes that we approach a lot, also because we are located near the coast and it is so important that they gain this notion», he says, stating that he feels that students are increasingly alert to these themes, «the fruit of the work that the school has developed".


Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação


This Tuesday, another chapter of “Us and the Sea” was written, but more activities will be developed until the end of this school year.

«Next week, on the 30th, we will be with six classes from the first cycle who are working on the project with sports professionals, we have had field trips in conjunction with the environmental center, more specifically to the tide pools, among other activities », clarifies Patricia Jesus.

The “Nos e o Mar” project has the support of the Quarteira Parish Council, the Parents Association, the management of the Laura Ayres Group and companies such as Aquashow and Joca Sports.


Photos: Mariana Sedge | Sul Informação



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