Teachers surprise minister João Costa with demonstration in Portimão

The PS summoned its militants, the professors summoned their peers

Dozens of teachers and other education professionals demonstrated last night in front of the Portimão Museum, taking advantage of the presence of João Costa, Minister of Education, in the city, to participate in a meeting organized by PS Algarve.

The protest was quickly organized, following the announcement, by the PS Algarve, of a Federal Plenary on education, to be held at the Portimão Museum, which included, among others, the Minister of Education.

Despite having been convened on the same day, the demonstration had many teachers from the Algarve, who wielded posters with slogans, sang songs, played drums, waved flags and made noise to disturb the PS meeting.

Despite this, no element of the socialist federation spoke to the demonstrators and PS Algarve did not mention the demonstration on its social networks, when speaking about the event, limiting itself to questioning «the alternative of the Right to public school».