Portimão supports charitable institutions with funds for the collection of used oils

Municipality delivered donations in a total amount of 7.500 euros

The amount collected from the used cooking oil that Reciclimpa has collected since 2014 in the oil tanks distributed throughout the municipality of Portimão has now been used to support three institutions in this municipality that provide support to the homeless population. 

The donations, with a unit value of 2500 euros, were delivered yesterday morning, May 29, by the mayor of Portimão Isilda Gomes to representatives of MAPS – Movement to Support the Problem of AIDS, GRATO – Support Group for Drug Addicts and APF – Association for Family Planning.

After handing over the checks, Isilda Gomes highlighted the combination of environmental and social concerns that this action embodies, by warning of «the enormous effort needed if we want to combat waste, non-reuse and poor recycling of by-products and waste and everything that represents a threat to the environment, at the same time that it is urgent to value the institutions dedicated to providing support to our most unfortunate fellow citizens».

The mayor also thanked Fernando Jerónimo, representative of the company, for the role of Reciclimpa, noting that the amount in question «is not a fortune, but, for those who need it so much, any little is a lot», before highlighting «extraordinary work in the area of social solidarity" carried out by MAPS, GRATO and APF "in favor of a truly democratic society, in which everyone lives with dignity".

«Without you, it would be difficult for us to reach people with needs, who find in you an open door, both as a way out of addiction, poverty and begging, as well as an entrance to a more dignified life», concluded Isilda Gomes.