“Why?”, an exhibition that responds to the concerns of students at Colégio de Vilamoura

Exhibition opened this Tuesday, May 2

The question came up in a Philosophy class, but the concern was old. For "several times", Bruno Baptista, then a student at Colégio Internacional de Vilamoura (CIV), came across videos on TikTok that made him ask himself: «Is all knowledge true?». The interrogation, which was part of CIV's X Festival of Questions, has now taken on the form of a work of art and can be seen by all at the Aderita Space Gallery, in Vale do Lobo.

This was one of the questions selected by 10 artists, chosen by Colégio de Vilamoura for this exhibition, which opened this Tuesday, May 2nd.

The challenge was common to all: choose one of the questions from this Festival, asked by the students, and design a work based on that same question.



The batch of questions is varied: “Are humans better at creating things or destroying them?” (Débora Ferreira, 10th grade), “Are there limits to our thinking?” (Inga Lopes, 11th grade) or “Can life end before death?” (Daniel Ramos, 8th grade).

Bruno Baptista, then a 10th grade student, was “Is all knowledge true?”. The story, behind this interrogation, is explained by himself.

«This question came up in a philosophy class, but it was very much based on the question of fake news, essentially in TikTok. Often we teenagers are just doing scroll and we end up seeing something that is a piece of knowledge, but we realize that it is not true», he told the Sul Informação, on the sidelines of the opening of the exhibition.

“Several times”, confessed Bruno Baptista, it has happened “to see something, comment with my father and he tells me that it was not true”.

The result of your question took the form of a work by Guilherme Limão, which Bruno Baptista liked.




Laurinda Silva and Dina Adão, from Colégio Internacional de Vilamoura, are the mentors of the CIV Questions Festival, which resulted in this exhibition.

«As the initiative is now 10 years old, we decided that the Festival should go beyond the walls of the College, gaining another impact», said Laurinda Silva, professor of Philosophy, to our newspaper.

After being exhibited in the windows of Rua Maria Campina, in Loulé, the questions were also the motto for this exhibition, with the choice of artists trying to be as “wide as possible”.

«We tried to choose people from different areas – some contacts did not have the desired effect, but I think we managed to reach a considerable number», said Dina Adão.

The chosen artists were, for example, Filipe da Palma (photographer), Adriano Aires (painting), Luís da Cruz (photographer) or Adérita Silva (plastic artist). Also taking part are Bruno Ceriz, Guilherme Limão, Margarida Palma Gomes, Mary Berry, Fernando Madeira and Sandro Soutilha.

The exhibition, whose catalog can be consulted on here, will be open until 21 May.



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