Olhão will have a Municipal Health Strategy

The conclusions should be announced in October and the plan will start to be applied in November

Olhão will have a Municipal Health Strategy (EMS). The protocol, between the Chamber and the Algarve Biomedical Center (ABC), was signed this Monday, May 29. 

To prepare the "white paper" of municipal health, the ABC will, at first, evaluate the health profile of the municipality, taking into account parameters such as the characterization of the population, health indicators, lifestyles and health care primary, hospital, continuous, palliative and others available to the population, social support, county economy, population education, accessibility and environment.

Based on this data collection and the respective analysis, the priorities for the municipality in the area of ​​Health will be defined.

«The conclusions should be disclosed in October and the plan will start to be applied in November», according to the municipality.

At the end of the signing of the protocol, António Pina, mayor of Olhão, said that «we are committed to contributing, in an effective and positive way, to the construction of a healthier municipality».

«It is our objective to deepen the democratization of access to health, which must be assumed as one of the most important factors of cohesion and social justice. I am fully convinced that the elaboration of the Municipal Health Strategy constitutes a decisive step in this direction", he adds.

The EMS implements the transfer of competencies in the field of Health to municipal bodies and inter-municipal entities, attributing to municipal councils the duty to prepare this strategic document.