“The End”: a creation based on Gonçalo M. Tavares to see in Loulé

Tickets cost 10 euros

Photo: Jose Caldeira

The basis is the text “A Velhice”, by Gonçalo M. Tavares. “O Fim”, the new creation of the theater company “Momento – Artistas Independentes” goes up this Friday, May 12th, from 21:00, to the stage of Cineteatro Louletano.

Directed by Diogo Freitas, the show continues the cross-art work that the company has been exploring – theatre, music, dance, performance and, this time, a novelty: the new circus.

The initiative, explains the theater company, «revolves around the theme “end”, encompassing its various aspects: the end as an end; as a new beginning; as a step in a cycle; as the center of mystery and speculation; as infinite; like something poetic; as something palpable; as an idea of ​​despair; as an idea of ​​relief; as hope; as union; as separation; as empty; as filling; with the objective; as inevitable”.

Tickets cost 10 euros and can be purchased here