Nature and knowledge guide new “Walks with Art” in Aljezur and Monchique

This is the next initiative of “Lavrar o Mar”

They are “Walks with Art” to listen and reflect on… and they are back. One of the big news is that, this Sunday, May 28th, the five walks planned for Aljezur will be on the same theme: climate urgency. 

This is the next initiative of “Lavrar o Mar” and it has this great news.

«We will have this innovation: the five walks, in Aljezur, will all be directed to the same theme, in this case the climate issue, ecology and the way we have to be attentive to rivers, forests and the seas», explains Madalena Victorino, programmer of “Lavrar o Mar”, Sul Informação. 

Thus, the walks will be guided by names like Nuno Ribeiro, professor and specialist in trees, and Paula Canha, biologist and professor at the Odemira School Grouping.

These are joined by two duos: Ana Carla Cabrita, nature guide, and Nídia Barata, animal caretaker, and Jack Golds, farmer and beekeeper, and Nuno Carvalho, environmental engineer.

The walks will all be around 7 kilometers long, with different levels of difficulty and meeting points.

In Monchique, the “Walks with Art” will take place in June, on the 11th. Here, the logic will be the same as in previous editions: each walk will have a specific theme.

The guests are Cândida Pinto (journalist), Paulo Prista (archaeologist), Miguel Honrado (manager specialist in cultural policy and former Secretary of State for Culture) and Miguel Vale de Almeida (anthropologist, specialist in gender issues).

On each walk, each guest will talk about their work areas.

«The idea is to walk while being with someone who knows a lot about their subject: it's not just enjoying nature, but knowledge», adds Madalena Victorino.

This year, the number of walks was also reduced because «we felt that there was a great dispersion and diversity and thus we focused more».

Those unable to participate can always listen to the podcast – each walk will be recorded.

Tickets cost 10 euros and can be purchased here 


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