Portimão Museum remembers “Manuel Guerreiro, The Man of Jazz” with “tribute” exhibition

Temporary exhibition opens on May 20

“Manuel Guerreiro, The Man of Jazz” is the title of the new temporary exhibition that the Museum of Portimão will open on the 20th of May at 17 pm.

Manuel Guerreiro (1932-2005)'s love for music and passion for jazz, his relevant and creative musical career and the recognition of an intense artistic activity, among his peers and throughout the world, are the basis of this exhibition.

José Gameiro, scientific director of the Museum of Portimão, who knew Manuel Guerreiro, in the days of the mythical jazz club “O Caldeirão”, in Ferragudo, revealed to the Sul Informação that the idea for this tribute exhibition came after the daughter and son-in-law of the deceased musician contacted the museum to deposit the collection there.

The exhibition will recreate «various periods of his life», with objects, photographs, posters, memoirs, talking about this man who was one of the greatest Portuguese jazz saxophonists, «with a great predisposition, since he was a boy, for music». On display, for example, will be a replica of the stage, as well as tables and chairs from “Manoel's Jazz Club”, in Monte Carvoeiro, the second and last of the jazz clubs founded by the musician.

«In 1973, when he founded Caldeirão, in Ferragudo, it was a stone in the pond, because there were no clubs of this type, much less jazz, in the Algarve», recalls José Gameiro.

Manuel Guerreiro, who was born in 1932 very close to the Portimão pier, son of a fisherman, and became a self-taught musician, starting with the banjo, flutes, guitar and only later the saxophone, traveled the world. But he always wanted to share and encourage, in his homeland, his taste for music, namely jazz.

Manuel Guerreiro formed, in 1949, his first group with friends, having remained in the Algarve until 1960. At that time, he moved to Lisbon, where he performed in clubs, on radio, television and recorded records.


Manuel Guerreiro's first band


In 1963, he traveled through Central America and the United States, joining the resident band of the cruise ships «Vera Cruz» and «Santa Maria».

Then, already part of the band «Os Duques» (consisting of four Portuguese and one Spaniard), he went on a long tour that took him to Ivory Coast, Senegal, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, France (Paris, Marseille, Biarritz) and several Spanish cities.

He settled first in Madrid, then in Barcelona, ​​until 1969, where he acted in television and radio programs, recorded albums with Spanish artists and other nationalities, composed music for films and television.

But Manuel Guerreiro always wanted to return to his native Algarve. He performed, with a quintet called «Ars Nova», in several luxury hotels, such as the Hotel Algarve, in Praia da Rocha, recently opened.

In 1973, he opened the restaurant-bar O Caldeirão, in Ferragudo, which quickly became a meeting point for jazz lovers. In 1980, the restaurant became a club dedicated to this musical form. There have been big names in national and international jazz.

In between, he joined the group «Plexus» and later collaborated with Zeca Afonso, Barata Moura, Fausto, Sérgio Godinho, Júlio Pereira, in shows and in the recording of discs or in performances on television.

In 1984, he was invited by a group of English musicians to do a series of concerts in London.

A year later, he moved his Jazz club to Monte Carvoeiro, where he remained until his death in 2005. The exhibition, incidentally, ends with a photograph of Manuel Guerreiro with José Duarte, the gentleman «5 minutes of jazz» , also recently deceased.

In 2003, the Portimão City Council awarded him the Medal of Municipal Merit – Silver Grade.

The opening of the exhibition, on the 20th of May, will be guided by the performance of the piano and voice duo formed by Leo Vrillaud and Sara Afonso, from the Orquestra de Jazz do Algarve. They will interpret arrangements of jazz themes from several decades.

After the inauguration of the exhibition on Manuel Guerreiro, there will be a tasting of different delicacies and flavors from the sea, toasting the 15th anniversary of the Museum of Portimão and tasting the cake, as always very special.



A Day in Prehistory

Throughout this month of May, the Portimão Museum is marking 15 years of existence at the service of memory and local identity with a set of initiatives, of which, in addition to the exhibition on Manuel Guerreiro, the activity “A day at Pré -History”, scheduled for the 13th, a nocturnal guided tour behind the scenes of the Museum (the 17th) and the now traditional Photographic Race (the 20th).

The first of the important moments of the event will take place next Saturday, May 13, with another historical recreation “A Day in Prehistory” at the Megalithic Monuments of Alcalar, in which all interested parties will be able to participate free of charge.

An event aimed at families, over a very lively day it will be possible to participate in educational workshops on food preparation and cooking, prehistoric beer, manufacture of agricultural tools and instruments, engraving workshop, carving and adornment processes, hunting, pottery, weaving, transportation of large monoliths, milling and other prehistoric daily rituals in the village and in the funerary tombs that make up the necropolis of Alcalar.



guided night tour

From 21:00 on May 17th, the anniversary of the Portimão Museum, the doors will be opened to reveal the backstage of this landmark cultural facility, with a guided tour of the collections in reserves and the workspaces, where restoration and preserves the assets of this story factory.

The activity is free, but subject to prior registration until May 16th, via telephone contacts 282 405 230 / 282 248 594 or by email at [email protected]

During this anniversary day, entry will be free for all visitors to the Museum of Portimão and the Megalithic Monuments of Alcalar, the same happening on 18 May, International Museum Day.

Promoted by ICOM – International Council of Museums, this year the 18th has the theme “Museums, Sustainability and Well-Being”, in order to encourage all museum equipment to show its transformative potential for sustainable development, as spaces of well-being -being and inclusiveness for all.



23th Portimão Photographic Race

On the following Saturday, May 20th, the 9rd Portimão Photographic Race will start at 00:23 am, which will run until 21:00 pm.

All participants will receive the respective “passport”, as well as information on the first subjects to be photographed and the location of the next checkpoint, at 12h00. Registration for the face-to-face modality ends on the 18th of May.

This edition again features the online modality, whose registrations and submission of images end on June 18th. In the online version, there are four themes proposed and inspired by the ideals of April, namely: “Signs of Freedom”; “Streets of Freedom”; “Is this Freedom?”; and “Free as the wind”.

Registration for the Photographic Race in person or online can be made by clicking here. Interested parties can register for both races or just one.



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