Odeceixe market will be reclassified

The Odeceixe market has six stores, fish and fruit stands and a small snack bar.

The Odeceixe Market will be refurbished so that it «once again becomes a point of reference for local commerce» in this town of Aljezur. 

The contract, which should cost around 130 euros, has already been launched.

«This action, long awaited and demanded by the local population, foresees the waterproofing of the building – currently with serious infiltrations – and its painting», says the Aljezur Council.

The Odeceixe market includes six shops, fish and fruit stands and a small snack bar.

«Due to the poor condition of the building, the normal operation of this equipment has been deficient and some of those establishments have even been closed to the public», concludes the municipality.