Sea of ​​people at the opening of the tribute exhibition to Manuel Guerreiro

The 15th anniversary of the Portimão Museum and the International Museum Day were duly celebrated

The room at the Portimão Museum where this Saturday, the 20th, the temporary exhibition “Manuel Guerreiro, O Homem do Jazz” opened was almost too small for so many people who wanted to pay homage to the Portimão musician.

Family, friends, fans, former visitors to O Caldeirão, in Ferragudo, or “Manoel's Jazz Club”, in Monte Carvoeiro, people curious to know the path of Manuel Guerreiro, who died in 2005, mixed with the competitors of the Race Fotografia, which also took place on Saturday.

In the atrium of the Museum, despite the poor acoustic conditions of the space, the piano and voice duo, formed by Leo Vrillaud and Sara Afonso, from the Orquestra de Jazz do Algarve, interpreted jazz classics from various eras.

After the official opening of the exhibition, a work commemorating the Museum's 15th anniversary was also inaugurated, by atelier 1+1, from Portimão. It is “Alice”, a piece that honors all the workers who worked in the canning industry, and that came out of the imagination of artisans Paula and Francisco.

In the end, it was time to appreciate (and taste) another masterpiece: the Museum's birthday cake. “Congratulations” for the 15th anniversary of the Portimão Museum were even sung, sung in unison.

The temporary exhibition “Manuel Guerreiro, O Homem do Jazz” will be on display at the Portimão Museum until the 3rd of September.

Manuel Guerreiro (1932-2005)'s love for music and passion for jazz, his relevant and creative musical career and the recognition of an intense artistic activity, among his peers and throughout the world, are the basis of this exhibition.


Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação

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