Literature, jazz, cinema, exhibitions: it is the MED that returns to Loulé

With all these features, MED will show, once again, «that it is not just a music festival»

Literature, at Casa da Cultura, music, at Café Calcinha and Igreja Matriz, theatre, street entertainment, cinema, exhibitions, handicrafts. The MED Festival, which takes place from the 29th of June to the 2nd of July, in the Historic Center of Loulé, does not end with concerts and will prove this once again. 

The poster for this parallel program, which has a strong partnership with various associations and entities in the city, was presented at the end of the afternoon of this Friday, May 26, at Café Calcinha.

And one of the novelties will be precisely the return of MED to this emblematic cultural space. There, every day, there will be two presentations, «with different concepts», as explained by Carlos Carmo, councilor of the Loulé Chamber and director of the Festival, when Sul Informação.

The Casa da Cultura will have literary moments, in charge of Tápê, with the return of the “Poesias do Mundo” project. The aim is for this to be a space for sharing and inclusion, always with the word as a motto.

Initiatives such as MED Classic and MED Jazz will also return. With regard to the former, there will be, on the 29th and 30th of June and the 1st of July, concerts by the Duo Guirimbadu, Caminus Duo and Quintetango, at Igreja Matriz.

On the 2nd, MED Classic takes to the Main Stage, at 21, a concert by the students of the Conservatório de Música de Loulé – Francisco Rosado, whose formation will be an orchestra, with a choir.

The curatorship will be Sérgio Leite, director of the Professor Francisco Rosado Conservatory of Music.

As for MED Jazz, it will take place, like last year, in the Cloisters of the Convent, with the support of Mákina de Cena, a cultural association from Loulé.

Every day there will be music, at 20:30 pm and 22:30 pm, with the likes of Marco Martins'Low Profile, FUSHI and Leon Baldesberger's Meersalz.

In addition to this range of activities, handicrafts (more than 100 stalls), the exhibition “Corpos Celestes”, by Adriana João, Bruno Silva, Joana da Conceição and José Jesus, at the Art Gallery of the Convent, and entertainment street, with names like Al-Fanfare.

Another of the returns is the cinema cycle that will have Rui Pedro Tendinha as curator. In addition to the exhibition of the short films that won the Sophia Student award, there will be a «very special moment».

«It will be the projection of the film “A Viagem do Rei”, in which we will have a ShowCase with the artist Rui Reininho who made the soundtrack», explained Carlos Carmo.

This moment will take place on the 2nd of July, at 17 pm, at the Cineteatro Louletano.

With all these features, MED will show, once again, «that it is not just a music festival», summarized the Festival director.

To this end, he also stressed, «partnerships with local entities that have grown in recent years have contributed a lot».

After yesterday's presentation at Calcinha, next Friday, June 2nd, at Cineteatro Louletano, there will be the «great final presentation» of MED.


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