Linda Martini perform at VRSA

Tickets cost 8 euros

“Linda Martini” will give a concert this Saturday, May 20, at 22:00, at the António Aleixo Cultural Centre, in Vila Real de Santo António.

André Henriques (voice and guitar), Claúdia Guerreiro (bass and backing vocals), Hélio Morais (drums and backing vocals) and Rui Carvalho (guitar) celebrate 20 years of career with the new show «20 years of Merda&Ouro».

The band's last work, «ERRÔR», was released in 2022.

For Blitz magazine readers, this was the album of the year.

Tickets cost 8 euros and can be purchased here or at Centro Cultural António Aleixo, from Monday to Friday, between 10 am and 00 pm and 13 pm and 00 pm or, on the day of the show, between 15 pm and 00 pm.