Lagoa closes last year's accounts with a positive balance

With around 4 million euros

The Municipality of Lagoa ended the year 2022 with a positive balance, with around 4 million euros.

The Financial Management Report, approved at the Municipal Assembly, on the 26th of April, presents a net result of 3 euros.

The Management Report was approved in the Municipal Assembly with 14 votes in favor of the Socialist Party, six abstention votes (three from the Lagoa Primeiro Movement, one from the Unitarian Democratic Coalition – PCP-PEV, one from the Left Block and one from the Socialist Party) and four votes against (three from the Social Democratic Party and one from CHEGA).

The results were achieved despite the large municipal investment in areas such as education, social action, culture, sports, housing, reducing water losses and taking care of public space.

The municipal executive considers that the presented Management Report «demonstrates the transparency and rigor instilled in the elaboration and execution of the municipal budget, considering that a good result in budgetary management goes far beyond the presentation of numbers and the quantitative analysis of the exercise because it has to meet the needs of the citizens and the demands imposed by the management of the moment and the territory».

«More than highlighting the results achieved in the 2022 Management Report, we want to highlight the economic stability shown in recent years, as a result of strict management of public money, without ceasing to invest in Lagoa and Lagoenses. Nothing is more valuable than the well-being of the population», said Luís Encarnação, mayor of Lagoa.