Conferences promoted by CHUA nurses discuss the horizons of the profession

Journeys take place on the 25th and 26th of May, at the Hospitals of Portimão and Faro

More than two hundred nurses participated in the Third Nurses' Day at the Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Algarve (CHUA), which had as its motto “Nursing – what horizons?” and took place on the 25th and 26th of May, at the Hospitals of Portimão and Faro. 

For Mariana Santos, nurse director at CHUA, «the added value of these days is centered on sharing experiences, knowledge, being able to reflect on our practices and verifying that, in fact, we have good practices but that we can always improve. We have identified areas for improvement and challenges that lie ahead,” she said.

«I think we have to look at the changes that may happen in the National Health Service, as an opportunity for development, visibility and growth for nurses», he added.

According to the CHUA, «the objective of the conferences was largely achieved, in an initiative that intended to reflect on the reality of nurses, noting their contributions, facilitating the mobilization of knowledge and skills in nurses' decision-making and continuous improvement of care of nursing, as well as developing and improving cross-cultural competence in the provision of health care".

During the two days of conferences, guest speakers spoke on various topics under debate, valuing the nursing profession, as well as the requirement for technical and scientific knowledge essential for providing effective and safe care.



«Nursing and the new challenges of the SNS» was the theme of the final debate, moderated by SIC journalist João Tiago, and in which participated Filomena Cardoso, member of the executive board of the SNS, Sérgio Branco, president of the Order's Southern Regional Section of Nurses, Áurea Andrade, nurse director of the Centro Hospitalar Universitário de Coimbra and president of the Portuguese Association of Nurses Directors and Nelson Guerra, of APEGEL – Portuguese Association of Managers and Leadership Nurses.

Before the closing session, the new specialist nurses who entered through a public tender in the Medical-Surgical, Rehabilitation, Maternal and Obstetric Health, Child and Pediatric Health and Mental and Psychiatric Health were also called to sign the addendum to the contract.

«We are adding value to the Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Algarve», said Mariana Santos.

The Scientific Committee, which included elements from the University of Algarve and the ARS, also elected the three best oral communications, in an initiative that «aims to give visibility to the exceptional work that is done, to nursing and to CHUA». The nurses awarded in oral communications were Ricardo Sousa Mestre, Joana Guerreiro and Telma Quaresma.

The chairman of the Board of Directors Ana Varges Gomes, the executive members Patrícia Rego and Paulo Neves, as well as the clinical director Horácio Guerreiro were also present to attend these days.

The theme of these days was part of the motto of this year's celebrations of the International Nurses Day, defined by the International Council of Nursing (ICN) - «Our Nurses, Our Future», and which highlights the importance of valuing nurses as irreplaceable professionals for the future of health, not only nationally but also globally.