Rewilding Sudoeste memory game introduces native forest

Game aims to promote the autochthonous forest species of Portugal

The RWSW Rewilding Sudoeste Association launched the memory game “The Autochthonous Forest of Portugal”, which aims to make known the species that make up the endemic forests of our country “in a playful and fun way”.

According to Rewilding Sudoeste, it is «a simple game of pairing 40 cards that illustrate 20 species of trees and shrubs of the Portuguese flora», which «allows you to better understand the most common and ancient trees in our territory».

The game is bilingual, in Portuguese and English, and contains a general picture of the plant and another of the leaves and flowers, and an instruction manual with a short description of the twenty species represented.

All illustrations were made by national illustrators, guided by the scientific illustrator Pedro Salgado, and Design is by Filipe Costa. The idea came from Raban Von Metzinger, owner of the Private Protected Area APP Vale das Amoreiras, made a reality by the partnership between the associations of Aljezur RWSW and Tertúlia.

The game will soon be available at various points of sale, but it can be ordered now via email

Whoever buys the game will also be contributing «so that RWSW can continue to raise awareness and invest in the conservation of the Forests and Landscapes of the Southwest», concludes the association.

The “RWSW Rewilding Sudoeste – Associação de Desenvolvimento da Natureza e Ambiente” is a non-profit association whose main objective is the promotion of native forests and forestry close to nature, through various dissemination actions, especially field trips, mapping of the forest and environmental education actions.