There is a festival that shows how beautiful the Algarve is through creative tourism

The Handsome Festival results from the “Algarve Craft & Food” project

Photo: Algarve Craft & Food

Showing "the beauty of the Algarve", while giving participants the opportunity to "get their hands dirty", are two major objectives of the International Festival of Creative Tourism of the Algarve, or Handsome Festival, whose first edition will take place between the 21st and 24th of June in different parts of the region.

The event, organized under the project “Algarve Craft & Food”, promoted in partnership by the Turismo do Algarve Region, Tertúlia Algarvia and QRER – Cooperative for the Development of Low Density Territories, wants to «disclose a more active way of contacting the local culture», through a program that includes craft workshops, gastronomic experiences, creative conversations, exhibitions and Business to Business (B2B) meetings.

The event association of the English word handsome, which means beautiful, is due to the fact that this word «refers to the idea of ​​hands-on work (hands on). This is how creative tourism is. A way to promote what each culture has of wonderful in its identity expressions and that tourists can actively experience», according to the organizers of the event.

Those who participate in the handicraft workshops and gastronomic experiences offered by the festival will have the opportunity to discover «the knowledge and flavors of the Algarve» and to learn, «among others, how to make the millenary fine sweetmeat, how to model a cup in the shape of a almond tree or learn how to cut ham».

In addition to workshops in artisans' ateliers and gastronomic experiences in restaurants, farms, wine cellars and confectioneries, the program includes an afternoon of workshops open to the public taking place at the Museu Regional de Faro, conversations and presentations on creative tourism, networking sessions between industry professionals and an exhibition of design and handicraft pieces.

All this offer can be known in detail on the event website.



The opening of the Festival takes place on the 21st of June at the Centro Educativo Cerro do Ouro (Albufeira) with the presentation of the “Algarve Craft & Food” Project and is enlivened with a “Roda de Interlaces”, «a participatory moment involving several master craftsmen from vegetable interweaving techniques from the Algarve».

On that occasion, the first creative conversation takes place, dedicated to the theme “Territory, Culture and Experience Tourism”.

On the 22nd and 23rd of June, a total of 12 workshops will take place with artisans and agri-food producers in various locations in the municipalities of Alcoutim, Silves, Faro and Loulé, with places reserved for registration for the general public.

The second creative conversation will launch “Perspectives for Cultural and Creative Tourism in the Algarve” and will take place on the 22nd of June in Loulé. The following day, the 23rd of June, the Regional Museum of Faro will host the closing event of the “Algarve Craft & Food” project.

It was, moreover, this project that inspired the Handsome Festival.

«One of the results of this project is a catalog of creative tourism programs that allow visitors to the region, both national and foreign, to know in an experiential way the invaluable historical and cultural heritage, related to the handicrafts and gastronomy of the region», frame the organization of the event.

«The creative tourism programs in the catalog are now presented – and experienced - first-hand in the Handsome Festival, at the premiere of an event that its promoter, QRER – Cooperativa para o Desenvolvimento dos Territores de Baixo Densidade, intends to re-edit due to the importance it assumes in promoting a type of socially and environmentally responsible tourism that optimizes and values ​​the resources of the region", they add.

Entrance to festival activities is free, but subject to available seats. The full program will be presented shortly.

The “Algarve Craft&Food” project is an initiative promoted by the Algarve Tourism Board in partnership with Tertúlia Algarvia and Cooperativa QRER, funded under the CRESC Algarve 2020 Operational Programme, with the support and collaboration of the aspiring Geopark Algarvensis.


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