Fiction on the impact of climate change in the Ria Formosa in an artistic residency in Loulé

Until the 17th of May

A reflection on the impact of climate change on the Ria Formosa is the challenge of the multidisciplinary project “Waterworld”, which until the 17th of May will be in artistic residency in Loulé.

“Waterworld” is a project around rising sea water due to global warming. “What would it be like to live in an underwater world?” is the question that responds to the science fiction of the project that starts from practices and knowledge coming from the relationship of riverside populations with water, focusing on the territory of Ria Formosa.

«It is a multidisciplinary fiction, projecting fictional worlds, seeing what tensions and what paths these fictions reveal in the encounter with the place, collectively building precarious, incomplete narratives, which will be expressed as multimedia installations», explains the Loulé municipality.

“What if the square is a lake?” is the motto of the residency, which aims to reflect on how our collective practices are transformed by submersion.

The group will work from the text “Big Splash”, by Joana Bértholo, produced for the project, which will be set to music with the support of António Lourenço Menezes, for the Loulé Children's Choir.

The result of this process will be presented in November this year, at the Convento de Santo António, in Loulé.

On the 10th and 13th of May, two public conversations will take place at the University of Algarve, in Faro, and at Alfaia, in Loulé.

“Waterworld” involves the creation of objects, fictional texts, audiovisual pieces and micro-events with the community that will accompany the creative process, which will be condensed as an audiovisual installation and online platform.

Throughout 2023, three more artistic residencies will take place, in Montemor-o-Novo, Culatra and Ílhavo.

The material produced will be presented as an audiovisual installation at the Convento de Santo António, in Loulé.

With the support of DGArtes and the Municipality of Loulé, the project partners with the Centro de Ciência Viva do Algarve, Devir Capa, Oficinas do Convento and 23 Milhas. The production is from efabula.